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Full Belly Farm Holiday Pork Shares

We are excited to offer shares of our pasture raised, organically fed hogs. Born and raised on Full Belly Farm, these pigs have never been confined, have had acres to roam and root around, and are the perfect addition to your holiday feast!

Your investment of $80 will yield approx. 7 pounds of pork.

The following are the cuts of pork included in the Holiday Share:
2 packages of bacon – 1 cottage style & 1 regular style
3 packages of sausage – 1 fresh sausage, 1 bratwurst style & 1 Italian style
1 package loin chops – 2 chops per package

Additional pork cuts available for add on: 

  • Pork Fat – 4.5lbs – $20
  • Pork Soup Bones – 5.5lbs – $20
  • Pork Offal – includes one each of liver, heart, pancreas, and kidney – $20
  • Trotters (feet) – 8 pack – $30

Shares can be picked up at our Farmers Market stands or at our farm. Sorry, no shipping. Existing CSA customers may have shares delivered to select CSA sites.

To order, please contact us! Orders for 2015 must be placed by November 30, 2015.

No matter what the World Health Organization says, Full Belly farmers are eating more bacon this winter – and you should too! 

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