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Today’s CSA Box | Week of September 20, 2021

radish greens, bunched winter-squash melon onion

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Flower CSA bouquet this week: Black-Awned Durum Wheat

This week’s flower, black-awned wheat, is a little untraditional, but we’re very excited about it. We normally purchase our seeds from Johnnys Seeds in Maine but last year we actually saved our own seed and so this bunch is from Full Belly Farm saved seed! We planted it in October, it grew over the winter, and formed the heads in late spring. This is a type of durum wheat, which is often used for pasta.

The bunch should not get wet and will last for several years in your house as an ornamental bunch as long as it doesn’t get wet. When you are done enjoying this bunch, you can rub the seeds apart and plant them in your garden! The wheat is beautiful to watch grow and gets two to three feet tall.

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