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FarmShares Week of June 27, 2016


Japanese Eggplant — Full Belly Farm • Genovese Basil & Nantes Carrots — Riverdog Farm • Slicing Cucumbers — Say Hay Farm • Plus everything in the Peck


Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes — Durst Organic Growers • Patty Pan Squash, Santa Rosa Plums & Yellow Gypsy Peppers — Free Spirit Farm • Bi-Color Corn & Green Beans — Full Belly Farm • Suncrest Peaches — Guru Ram Das Orchards •


Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes — Durst Organic Growers • Patty Pan Squash & Santa Rosa Plums — Free Spirit Farm • Suncrest Peaches — Guru Ram Das Orchards • Slicing Cucumbers — Say Hay Farm •

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Veggie Tips

Basil: Store your basil dry in the refrigerator or in a vase with a bit of water in a cool place on your counter. This is one of the more delicate items in your box so you may want to think about using it towards the beginning of the week.  Besides making pesto, you can chop the basil to add flavor to the green beans, eggplant or summer squash when you use them.

Eggplant: Keep it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.  Eggplant absorbs flavors of herbs and sauces when you are cooking.  If you have a grill  just rub a bit of oil on the sliced eggplant, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and grill it quickly on both sides. 

Onions:  Our members who get a box every other week will have noticed that there are certain things that alternate regularly during the year — garlic and onions are an example.  The result can be that our every-other-week members are getting one or the other in every box!

Summer Squash: We are only growing two types these days, zucchini and yellow crookneck.  They can be used fairly interchangeably.  They store well if kept cold, in a bag in your vegetable crisper in the refrigerator. The Full Belly recipe archive contains an easy recipe for Roasted or Grilled Eggplant, Squash and Onions as well as a recipe for Summer Squash Basil Soup. Both of those recipes use items in this week’s box.

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News From the Farm | June 27, 2016

We know that many of you are wondering where the tomatoes are and why you are “still getting beets and cabbage in your boxes.”  We also note that some of our members are happy to continue getting something green for awhile, like a cabbage…   As one of our members commented, “every single selection is someone’s favorite or someone’s least favorite.”  Even though the CSA boxes sometimes have the same vegetables in them for a few weeks, taken as a whole, the variety of fruits and vegetables in the boxes from season to season results in a remarkably diverse cuisine, providing healthy inspiration to your creativity and ingenuity in the kitchen.

June is always a month when the CSA boxes reflect a transition from cool weather crops to summer crops. You can follow that transition from afar… In June, the summer crops are growing so fast that you can see changes from day to day, but on the other hand, the spring crops are slowing down and starting to be a little peaked. By the end of June, the greens are long gone and the first ripe tomatoes and melons can be found if one goes on a determined search from one end of the row to the other.  By July, the yield of tomatoes is growing exponentially, from one or two cherry tomatoes, to a few boxes that go to farmers markets, to enough that we could literally fill your kitchen with them, multicolored and vibrating with summer heat and energy. 

This week’s box says “summer” with every item.  We hope that you enjoy it!

melons growing copy

Melons growing in the shade of a bed of sunflowers.

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New Site in Oakland near Lake Merritt


Full Belly Farm is opening a new pick-up site at the Bay Grape Wine Shop in Oakland.  The site will be open from noon to 9:30pm on Wednesdays and is across from Lake Merritt at 376 Grand Avenue.  You can sign up to pick-up your box at this site through our web site.  Note that the site will be PENDING until we know that there is enough interest to make it a success.

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Farm to Fork


On July 8 in downtown SF, Chef Caesare Assad will be serving up a Native American-inspired meal with produce sourced from Full Belly Farm and other farms in the Capay Valley. At the immersive pop-up dinner, you can enjoy a 5-course meal plus wine pairing, and learn about the people and places that make your meal possible! A portion of the proceeds from the event will be donated to Mandela Marketplace. Click here for more information about the dinner, or for tickets.

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FarmShares Week of June 20, 2016


Splash Pluots — Free Spirit Farm • Bi-Color Corn — Full Belly Farm • Slicing Cucumbers & Tarragon — Say Hay Farm • Plus everything in the Peck


Desiree New Potatoes — Full Belly Farm • Royal Blenheim Apricots, Santa Rosa Plums & Summer Squash — Good Humus Produce • Italian Parsley & Yellow Onions — Riverdog Farm • Blackberries* — T & Y Strawberry Patch •


Splash Pluots — Free Spirit Farm • Royal Blenheim Apricots & Santa Rosa Plums — Good Humus Produce • Slicing Cucumbers — Say Hay Farm • Blackberries* — T & Y Strawberry Patch •

Bushel contains listed items plus Peck itemsem> All contents are certified organic unless [...]

Veggie Tips

Green Beans: Your box contains 1/2 pound. You can make a quick stir-fry to go over pasta by cutting the beans in half and frying them with garlic or onions, some herbs, a little bit of lemon and maybe some roasted nuts and cheese on the top.

Green Cabbage: Time for cole slaw, braised cabbage or a cabbage-based soup. Even a small batch of sauerkraut is pretty easy to make If you don’t eat your cabbage right away, no worries. It will store well in your refrigerator. 

Potatoes: These will store in the refrigerator, so if you haven’t been using them up each week, don’t worry. There are many great recipes for potatoes in the Full Belly recipe archive.

Sweet Corn: We haven’t grown much sweet corn for the last few years because of the drought. This year we are venturing back into some small plantings, with a bicolor variety that we have enjoyed in the past. There are yellow and white kernels. We do not grow the ‘super sweet’ varieties because we prefer the old-fashioned corn flavor. You can eat this raw right off the cob, or steam it for a few minutes. See this article for tips on cutting the kernels off the cob. Eat the corn early in the week – the sweetness turns to starch quite quickly. Store it in your refrigerator with the husk on. 

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News From the Farm | June 20, 2016

It has been a busy week at Full Belly! Summer came a’knockin with full force and brought the arrival of melons, tomatoes (we picked our first heirlooms!), more peach varieties, plums, apricots, eggplant, cucumbers, and corn – hooray for summer flavors! For most of us at the farm, we hold off eating summertime fruits and vegetables until they are in season which makes this time of year especially mouthwatering. In addition to the new harvest, we also welcomed our first group of summer campers to the farm yesterday – eager youngsters who will spend the week working, playing, swimming, laughing, and farming. Their first task: to care for the 11 new piglets born less than 24 hours before their arrival. 


These little piglets are busy eating – and growing! Their mother, Blueberry, will provide milk for them for a little over a month before they start to eat Full Belly grains and veggies!

In addition to the new piglet life here at Full Belly, we are excited to welcome two new human baby additions at the end of this summer – Dru and Paul will become grandparents to two more farm babies! Becca (who recently got hitched to farm-kid Rye) and Hallie (who grew up at Full Belly and now oversees our educational programming) are due within a week of each other. A whole new generation of farmers is coming our way! 


This is the first baby for Rye and Becca, the second for Hallie and Diego, who are already chasing one little one around. 

Summertime brings heat, new life, exciting flavors, and extreme levels of exhaustion. Luckily for us, times are exciting as ever at Full Belly. Thank you for supporting our farm – we are ever grateful for our wonderful CSA family!

If you have any name suggestions for our new piglets, please let us know!

 — Hallie Ochoa

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